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S.N.D.Public School Palwal

TAFAR (Teachers' Association for Animal Rights)

 Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award Ceremony and Seminar on Teachers Role in Sensitizing Students Towards Animal Rights/ Suffering held in SND Public School Palwal on dated 22-06-2017.

In SND Public School Palwal a unique seminar on “Teachers Role in Sensitizing Students Towards Animal Rights/ Sufferings” was held on 22nd June 2017 in School campus. Chief Guest for the seminar were Dr. Parkash Baba Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte from Lok Biradari Prakalp Anandwan, Maharastra. Guest of Honour were Dr. Sandeep Jain Ex-Member Animal Welfare Board of India from Punjab, Ms. Rukmini Sekhar famous columnist for Animal Rights and a close follower of Philip Wollen in India and Ms. Suman Virwani Social Worker and Animal Rights Activist associated with India Unites For Animal. In his speech Dr. Parkash Amte shared his feelings by narrating various experiences of animal behavior/ similar feelings among humans and animals. He told audience that mostly animals attack in the fear of being attacked. He shared in Animal Arc an orphanage of wild and other animals how they co-share space with each other. He told love/ genuine caring can change the attitude of wild animals towards human race. Dr. Sandeep Jain in his speech lauded the efforts of school and advised teachers and students to focus on birds care along with animal care. He mentioned “Save Sparrow Movement”. Ms. Rukmini Sekhar focused on the importance of vegan culture in World. Ms. Suman Virwani lauded the school efforts and stressed the need of sensitization about animal rights in Indian youth.

The school awarded Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award – 2017 a sum of Rupees 1.25 Lac along with citation to Mr. Sudarshan Kaushik, animal rights activist on the recommendation of Dhyan Foundation, Ms. Suman Virwani known animal rights activist and TAFAR (Teachers Association For Animal Rights). One more animal rights activist/ organization is expected to be awarded by equal amount with citation by year end. The award has been started by SND Vidya Pracharini Society after due formal permission from Mr. Philip Wollen himself. Sh. Budhram Patron SND Vidya Pracharini Society announced the award. Ms. Rukmini Sekhar, Dr. Parkash Baba Amte, Dr. Mandakini Amte, Dr. Sandeep Jain, Ms. Suman Virwani and Mr. Yograj Singh Director SND Public School presented the award to Mr. Sudarshan Kaushik. Special Guest of Honour was Sh. Maha Singh Sharma Ex-Principal Vidya Niketan Sr. Sec. School. He also narrated the need of sensitive teachers towards animals sufferings. The audience consisted of the principals, teachers, PTIs, DPEs, senior class students of various schools, parents and distinguished and enlightened citizens who were invited by the school.

The Director of the School Sh. Yograj Singh with principal Sh. Basant Kumar Sharma welcomed the Chief Guests by presenting a memento. The program was anchored by Sh. Jitender Kaushik.

The program started at 8:30 am by the Principal by his welcome speech. The center of attraction was the speech of the chief guest which drove the audience to thunderclap many times during the speech. A special note of thanks was given by the Director of the school. This program was highlighted in headlines of the all the regional newspapers. Such programs reinforce the morale and spirit of the masses for Animals love and Welfare.