MTN Dew Looking To Get Into eSports MANjr_2

Mountain Dew is setting its sight on gamers. Taking a page from Redbull’s playbook, the PepsiCo brand is seeking to be a first-mover at a niche industry, subbing in gamers and esports for extreme sports. The company will spend 40 percent of its marketing dollars this year to reach players, stated Nicole Portwood, vp of marketing. In 2018, Mountain Dew spent million on paid media , up from $89 million in 2017, based on data from Kantar Media. The brand said that its own plan to spend 40% targeting gamers this season is a slight increase of its spend in the space a year ago but declined to offer specifics. The Business plans to ramp up its sponsorships together with esports leagues, such as Team OpTic and Counter Logic Gaming as well as teams like Immortals, Team Dignitas and SK Gaming. It is going to also be spending cash on Twitch on co-branded ventures, as well as Facebook advertising to target gambling and esports lovers. It’s going to be making a new drink taste focused on players, its moment since the launching of Mountain Dew Amp Game Gas last year. Everything Mountain Dew has performed in esports and gambling is”special for its group, but perhaps not for the strategy,” said Kate Wolff, MTN Dew Looking To Get Into eSports | MANjr svp of customer services as RQ, who has assembled communities around gamers for brands such as Google Play and YouTube, who directed to Redbull’s approach to intense lifestyle and sports as an instance of how a new can play in this area. “By coming in hard fast and first to the group, they’ve achieved such a strong correlation with extreme sports that some even say the sport is now an extension of the brand,” explained Wolff. “Mountain Dew is looking to achieve the Exact Same thing by establishing going and first large across not just marketing but their goods as well.” A focus on gaming is not completely new for Mountain Dew. In 2007, the brand acknowledged that gamers had already adopted the beverage brand as part of gaming culture. “The gaming area is just one of the fastest-growing areas of the consumer world,” said Portwood. “We feel like we’ve got a real opportunity there as a first mover.” Per Nielsen’s Esports Playbook for Brands, one in five global esports fans are new into the space. In the past year, Nielsen discovered that non-gaming-related brands sponsoring esports has grown by 13 percent over year and that 90% of U. S. esports fans on Twitch can name at least one non-gaming-related host in esports

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