Pawn shop in Copenhagen & Aarhus.How to have a pawn loan

Pawn shop in Copenhagen & Aarhus.How to have a pawn loan

PANTSAT.DK could be the pawn that is leading in Denmark. Our company is located in the heart of Copenhagen & Aarhus. Our concept allows you to receive that loan in your things. As an example having a phone, view, jewelry or a online payday MN motor vehicle.

Ways to get a pawn loan

  • An item is needed by you you could offer as security to obtain that loan.
  • Make a software and obtain a loan offer that is non-binding.
  • Valuables could be any such thing from electronic devices, furniture, watches, jewelry, etc.
  • You turn in your valuables within the shop or send it by mail
  • A contract is signed by you with us and immediately receive a re payment for your requirements or perhaps in money.
  • Following the agreed time, you repay the mortgage and ensure you get your item right back.
  • Comprehend in under 1 moment how to get a pawn loan

    The process of pawning a product

    1 Application

    Fill in our application that is online type. Fill it down as best you can easily – we will contact you if we need further information.

    You could e mail us by mail, phone or chat and obtain responses to the questions you have.

    2 Assessment & offer

    We make an evaluation and give you a non-binding loan offer – frequently within a couple of hours.

    In the event that offer is pertinent, you are able to hand in or deliver the product to the shops in Copenhagen or Aarhus

    3 Submission of item & payout

    You deposit your product within our store and have the payment straight into a bank transfer to your bank account.

    Needless to say, we take care of one’s store and item it within our insured warehouse.

    4 Repurchase

    You choose when you need to repurchase your item – It might be fourteen days or 5 months, it’s your responsibility.

    There isn’t any requirement to repurchase the item.

    What exactly is a Pawn shop?

    A pawn store is an ongoing business, which loans you cash in return for taking you things in security – pawned. Pawn, to put it differently, simply implies that there was some safety your money can buy loaned away. To pawn one thing is consequently really normal, they will take security in it if you for example loan money at the bank or a mortgage company to buy a house or apartment. Likewise, for organizations, you’re able to pawn their assets – like machines or item stock.

    The pawned item will act as security, simply in the event you aren’t in a position to pay the loan back. In the event for which you don’t retain the loan, the pawn shop can offer your product and obtain the amount of money right back when it comes to loan by doing this.

    Pawn shops as an option to fast loans

    The pawn store company has nearly been nonexistent in several years. Days gone by couple of years nonetheless, there’s been increased need for usage of fast funding. This could for instance be observed by the growth of online quick loans and payday advances, which give individuals effortless and access that is fast cash. This industry had been really small simply 5-6 years ago, in comparison to now where it really is an industry with over 1 billion kroner in loaned out money.

    On line loans that are quick pay day loans are appealing since they give quick use of cash. Frequently, what you need to do, is fill in a type on the web, and briefly thereafter the funds is on your own account. It really is nonetheless exceptionally high priced. For example, the player that is largest in Denmark of quick loans comes with an APR (Annual portion Rate) of 820% (at the time of January 2019). The exceedingly high interest levels mean, that folks often get more financial obligation than their personal earnings are capable of, and it’s also extremely tough in order for them to spend the mortgage right straight back.

    Having a pawn shop, they are given by you a product of value as security for the loan. Which means, that within the unlucky situation where you simply cannot pay the loan back, the pawn shop can offer your product. Through the purchase, they manage to get thier cash back, and also you don’t owe them hardly any money. It’s needless to say unlucky that you lost an item, but definitely you never create a predicament where in actuality the debt gets away from hand – there is absolutely no financial obligation creation by utilizing a pawn store.

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