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This is largely because virtualizing a mobile device or desktop PC requires hardware acceleration. Functionize can make this practicable for your team and help keep your costs down. As the highly competitive mobile world increases in complexity, quality is really what it’s all about.

Because simulation is virtual, large economies of scale can be brought to bear. The happy result will be a continuous improvement to the experience of your users. An emulator is device-specific, so it closely duplicates both the OS and the hardware.

Virtual mobile testing devices are meant to duplicate and re-implement the software environment of real devices. However, despite coming close, these solutions are not the same as real devices.

  • Filling with input data could be done in two ways – using a device keyboard or switch to a system keyboard to make testing faster.
  • Hardware menu opens the possibility of simulating the user’s action like device rotation – to see the horizontal view, making shake gesture or image zooming using the pinch gesture.
  • Actually, our mobile app testing platform implements several levels of virtualization for each device-OS combination.
  • Integral to the Functionize automated mobile app testing platform is our strong collaboration with Google Cloud.
  • You can also use other commonly-used apps like Contacts or Game center.

This rich range of devices gives greater functionality to mobile applications, but this also makes testing much more complex. Testers must consider technical characteristics of every mobile device and see how different models affect the app’s behavior. As technology continues to evolve, we see many changes in mobile testing device solutions. New changes usually evolve from the need for testing mobile apps on different mobile devices and cross browser testing.

Certain interactions like pinching, zooming and scrolling are considerably different on the touchscreen. Flexible, rapid scaling of mobile testing can be challenging and expensive for an individual team. High-performance, highly accurate emulation is compute-intensive for most organizations.

Testers need to evaluate differences in mobile behavior from analyzing the application’s functionality and UI aspects. User Interactions – Frankly, not all types of user interactions – or stimuli – can be tested on an emulator. Using a mouse or keyboard to click on a simulator is different than using a finger on the screen of a mobile device.

Additionally, it takes a lot of time for beta apps to give you valuable feedback. Small business may incur a loss on themselves by developing a beta app and using its feedback to create the real application. For instance, hidden factors such as the device’s age, temperature, its age, number of other apps running, as well as the humidity pokemon gold rom download around the device can affect app performance. That said, you still can see a reflection of the real device in ideal conditions by using an emulator. Real devices have several external factors and therefore, most accurately determine the performance of an app.


Emulators do replicate the testing environment of real devices, but they still don’t provide an accurate representation. Virtual Testing Devices are different because they are software replications of real devices, instead of actual devices. This allows testers to simulate the testing environment of a particular model or mobile company.

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