From The Director’s Desk

A true teacher always envisages the bright future for his/her students. And for that very purpose, he/she infuses the knowledge that he/she has gained through his/her experiences, learning and unbending will power. When his/her students are ready with their all over quality for their first exposure in this competitive world they find their teacher’s teaching of immense help. Then not teacher but students themselves reveal the secret source of their success. Indeed, it is their teacher who guided them towards the path to trend upon. As it is best generic clonazepam said by an ancient poet Kabeer Das: “God and Teacher are there before them he stands, In great confusion he thinks that to whom, he should first fold his two hands, Inner self of the student creates a voice, The Teacher must be his choice, Not only for skills has the Teacher produced But for Teacher’s contribution with God be introduced.” (An English Version)

School Belives

  1. Students’ future is in the hands of school teachers.
  2. Teacher in the role model for his/ her students.
  3. Straight forwardness and alertness of the teacher is the key to the success of his/her students.
  4. An active teacher makes teaching learning process interesting and effective.
  5. If a teacher runs, his students walk. If a teacher walks, his students sit. If a teacher sits, his students sleep and if a teacher sleeps, his students die.
  6. Activities are not a way to secure good marks; they are a way to make learning interesting.
  7. Moral values can only be incullated in students at school level.
  8. Being honest to ones duties gives overall happiness in life.
  9. A teacher’s responsibility supersedes all bonds of kinship and affection.
  10. It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.
  11. If we work for a great cause, something of the greatness falls on all of us.
  12. Education is not filling a vessel but kindling a flame.
  13. The secret of teaching lies in respecting the queries of pupils.
  14. No proper & honest work means no salary.
  15. Give your students not only our care but also your heart